Discover the 6 Powerful Benefits of Sam’s Club Plus Membership

Sam’s Club Plus Membership

Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehouse owned and operated by Walmart.

It offers members access to discounted prices on thousands of items across categories like groceries, household essentials, tech, and more.

Sam’s Club has two membership levels – regular and plus. 

Sam’s Club Plus Membership ($100/year) offers 2% cash rewards, free shipping, extra discounts on gas, prescriptions, and more.

This article will discuss the critical differences between regular and Plus memberships and help you decide if upgrading to Plus is worth it.

Unlocking the Extra Savings: Plus vs. Regular Membership

The regular Sam’s Club membership costs $45 per year.

It includes:

  1. Access to Sam’s Club warehouses and prices
  2. Ability to shop in-club and online
  3. Special savings on select items
  4. Pharmacy & optical savings
  5. Tire installation & rotations

With a regular membership, you get discounted wholesale pricing on bulk and name-brand purchases.

This covers most of the essential warehouse club benefits.

6 Fantastic Benefits of Sam’s Club Plus Membership

The Sam’s Plus membership costs $100 per year. It includes everything in the regular membership, plus:

  1. 2% reward: Earn 2% back on qualifying in-club and online purchases. This is issued annually as a Sam’s Club shopping card.
  2. Free shipping: Free shipping on online orders with no minimum order size. Saves the $12 fee per order for regular members.
  3. Extra savings: Special discounts on items like gasoline and prescriptions.
  4. Earlier shopping hours: Access to stores at 7 AM on weekends vs. 10 AM for regular members.
  5. Additional discounts: Exclusive coupons and members-only pricing.
  6. Freebies: Complimentary household card and extra addon memberships.

The Plus membership enhances the warehouse club experience with extra perks like cash rewards, free shipping, and members-only savings.

If you shop frequently at Sam’s Club, the plus benefits can lead to hundreds in annual savings compared to a basic membership.

Joining the Plus Club: How to Get More Benefits?

Upgrading to a Sam’s Plus membership is easy:

  • Existing members can upgrade at any club or online under account settings. Just pay the $55 membership difference.
  • New members can select the Plus membership when signing up in-club or on Annual fee is $100.
  • Upgrade anytime: Move from regular to plus membership at any point by paying $55. Renewal remains $100/year.

You’ll immediately get an updated membership card with the plus benefits. There’s no need to wait until your regular membership expires.

Breaking Down the Price: What Sam’s Club Plus Membership Costs?

  • Regular membership: $45 per year
  • Plus membership: $100 per year

For an existing regular member, upgrading to Plus costs $55 (just the difference).

The Plus membership essentially “pays for itself” if you earn at least $55 back from the 2% reward and free shipping perks. For frequent shoppers, the additional discounts and savings will surpass the upgrade fee.

Is Plus Membership Right for You? Who Should Consider It?

The Plus membership offers the best value for:

  • Households or businesses with large, regular Sam’s Club purchases
  • Online shoppers for free shipping without minimums
  • Gasoline purchasers to save on fuel
  • Pharmacy & optical patrons for added discounts
  • Members who like early and exclusive shopping access

Casual shoppers may be okay with sticking to the basic membership. But if you shop often and value the perks, upgrading to Plus pays for itself over time.

Sharing is Caring: Can You Share Your Plus Membership?

Yes, the primary plus member can share their membership with others just like the regular membership.

  • Add up to 16 additional cardholders for no extra cost. All get the plus perks.
  • Split the $100 fee however you want across households or friends.
  • Only the primary member receives the 2% rewards shopping card.

Sharing a plus membership is a great way to maximize the value across multiple shoppers and households.

Sam’s Club Plus Membership vs. Competing Retailers

Sam’s Club Plus Membership vs. Competing Retailers

Aspect Sam’s Club Plus Membership Costco BJ’s Wholesale Club Amazon Prime Walmart Target
Annual Membership Fee $100 $60 – $120 (Gold Star to Executive) $55 – $110 (Inner Circle to Perks Rewards) $119/year N/A N/A
Perks and Benefits – Cash Rewards, early shopping hours, free shipping on most online items – 2% cash back, exclusive member services, free household card – Cash back rewards, exclusive savings, members-only discounts – Fast shipping, streaming, exclusive deals – N/A – N/A
Exclusive Products/Brands – Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club private label – Kirkland Signature, Costco private label – Wellsley Farms, BJ’s brand – Various Amazon-owned brands – Walmart’s Great Value, private brands – Target’s private brands
Customer Reviews Generally positive, members appreciate savings and product variety Highly regarded for quality and savings Positive reviews for value and product selection High ratings for convenience and delivery speed Mixed reviews, appreciated for variety Positive reviews for savings and service
Number of Stores Over 600 locations across the U.S. Over 800 locations in the U.S. Over 200 locations in the U.S. Online retail platform Over 4,700 locations in the U.S. Over 1,900 locations in the U.S.
Proximity Varies by location, typically found in urban and suburban areas Varies by location, available in most urban and suburban areas Varies by location, present in various regions Online, accessible from anywhere Ubiquitous presence, both urban and rural Ubiquitous presence, both urban and rural

Please note that this is a general comparison, and the specific details, as well as the advantages of each membership program, may vary by location and time.

Warehouse club memberships come in various shapes and sizes, each offering perks and benefits. To help you decide if Sam’s Club Plus Membership is the right fit for your shopping needs, let’s take a closer look at how it stacks up against some of its major competitors in the retail world.

  • Annual Membership Fee: Sam’s Club Plus Membership costs $100 annually. In comparison, Costco’s membership fees range from $60 to $120, depending on the level (Gold Star to Executive). B.J.’s Wholesale Club offers memberships from $55 to $110 (Inner Circle to Perks Rewards). Amazon Prime, while not a traditional warehouse club, charges $119 per year for its services. Walmart and Target do not require a membership fee for in-store shopping.
  • Perks and Benefits: Sam’s Club Plus Membership provides cash rewards, early shopping hours, and free shipping on most online items. Costco offers 2% cash back, exclusive member services, and a free household card for another adult in your home. B.J.’s Wholesale Club provides cash-back rewards, exclusive savings, and members-only discounts. Amazon Prime offers fast shipping, streaming services, and exclusive deals on Walmart and Target do not have a traditional membership program, but both provide discounts and benefits.
  • Exclusive Products/Brands: Sam’s Club Plus Membership features Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club’s private label. Costco is known for its Kirkland Signature brand. B.J.’s Wholesale Club offers Wellsley Farms and B.J.’s brand products. Amazon Prime includes various Amazon-owned brands, and Walmart has its Great Value and other private brands. Target carries its private brands as well.
  • Customer Reviews: Sam’s Club Plus Membership generally receives positive reviews from members who appreciate the savings and product variety it offers. Costco is highly regarded for its quality and savings. B.J.’s Wholesale Club has positive reviews for its value and product selection. Amazon Prime enjoys high ratings for its convenience and delivery speed. Walmart’s reviews are mixed but appreciated for the variety. Target receives positive reviews for its savings and service.
  • Number of Stores: Sam’s Club has over 600 locations across the United States. Costco boasts over 800 sites, making it highly accessible. B.J.’s Wholesale Club has over 200 locations in various regions. Amazon Prime is an online retail platform accessible from anywhere. Walmart operates over 4,700 locations across the U.S., offering both urban and rural accessibility. Target has over 1,900 locations, making it readily available in urban and rural areas.

When considering a warehouse club membership, it’s essential to weigh the specific benefits and costs against your shopping habits and preferences. Each of these retailers brings something unique to the table, so be sure to choose the one that aligns best with your needs.

Renewal Process: What to Expect After the First Year

So, you’ve enjoyed the perks and savings of your Sam’s Club Plus Membership for a year, and now it’s time to consider renewal. Understanding how the renewal process works is crucial to enjoying the benefits and savings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect when renewing your Sam’s Club Plus Membership.

1. Membership Expiration Date: First things first, take a look at your Plus Membership card or Sam’s Club mobile app to find your membership expiration date. You’ll want to start the renewal process before this date to ensure uninterrupted access to your favorite perks.

2. Renewal Options: Sam’s Club typically offers various renewal options, and they often reach out to you with these choices. You can renew your membership online through the Sam’s Club website, in-store at the membership desk, or through the Sam’s Club app. They may also send you renewal reminders via email or mail.

3. Renewal Fee: Be prepared to pay the annual renewal fee, which, at the time of my last update, was $100. The renewal fee is typically the same as the initial membership fee. Make sure you check the current cost when it’s time to renew.

4. Early Renewal: Sam’s Club often allows members to renew their Plus Membership early, even before it expires. This can be a convenient option if you want to avoid worrying about your membership lapsing. Early renewal typically extends your membership by 12 months from the expiration date.

5. Keep an Eye on Benefits: While the renewal process is straightforward, it’s also an excellent time to review the benefits you’ve been enjoying. Are you making the most of your cash rewards and early shopping hours? Are you taking full advantage of the savings on shipping costs for online orders?

6. Membership Card Updates: After renewing, you’ll receive a new Plus Membership card reflecting your extended membership. Ensure you activate your new card to continue enjoying all the perks.

7. Enjoy Another Year of Savings: With your renewed Plus Membership, you can enjoy exclusive savings, cash rewards, and other benefits for another year. Make the most of your renewed membership by exploring all that Sam’s Club has to offer.

Remember, the renewal process is designed to be hassle-free, so you can continue benefiting from your Sam’s Club Plus Membership without any interruption. Keep an eye out for renewal reminders and choose the option that suits you best. It’s a simple step to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

Sam’s Club Membership FAQs

What’s included in a Sam’s Club membership?

Regular and plus memberships offer access to warehouse pricing on groceries, home goods, electronics, and more. Plus, it provides additional perks like rewards and discounts like free shipping.

Can you shop at Sam’s Club without a membership?

No, a membership is required to shop at Sam’s Club. However, non-members can use cash, checks, and debit/credit cards to purchase alcohol, pharmacy, and gas station items by paying a 10% service fee.

How much does a Sam’s Club membership cost?

Regular membership is $45 per year. Plus, membership is $100 per year.

How do I upgrade to Sam’s Club Plus?

Upgrading to Sam’s Club Plus Membership is easy. You can do it in-store at the membership desk or online through the Sam’s Club website. Simply pay the annual fee for the Plus Membership, and you’ll start enjoying the enhanced perks.

Can I use my Sam’s Club Plus membership at Walmart?

No, Sam’s Club Plus Membership is specific to Sam’s Club stores. While Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart Inc., the memberships and benefits are separate. However, your Sam’s Club Plus Membership will provide access to Sam’s Club’s unique gifts.

Is Sam’s Club Plus membership worth it?

For frequent shoppers, yes. The 2% reward and free shipping alone can offset the upgrade fee. Plus, it unlocks more discounts and perks.

Does Sam’s Club offer discounted memberships?

Sometimes, new promos offer discounted memberships. Existing members can avoid renewal fees by redeeming membership rewards points.

Is Sam’s Club cheaper than Walmart?

Prices at Sam’s Club and Walmart can vary depending on the products and brands. Sam’s Club focuses on bulk buying, which can offer savings per unit. However, Walmart may have a broader selection of individual items. It’s worth comparing prices for your specific needs.

What is the difference between Sam’s Club membership and Plus?

The main difference between a regular Sam’s Club membership and a Plus Membership lies in the perks and savings. Plus, membership offers enhanced benefits such as cash rewards, early shopping hours, and more exclusive discounts, making it a preferred choice for frequent shoppers seeking extra value.

Can you use a Sam’s Club membership at Costco?

No, memberships are not interchangeable between warehouse clubs. You need a separate paid Costco membership to shop there.

Does Sam’s Club offer a lifetime membership?

Sam’s Club stopped offering lifetime memberships in 2009. Existing lifetime memberships are still honored and valid.

Can I use my Sam’s Club membership in other countries?

Sam’s Club memberships only work at clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico. International Sam’s Clubs do not accept U.S. memberships.

How do I renew my Sam’s Club membership?

Members can renew by logging into their account online, in the mobile app, or visiting any club. Renewal fees vary based on membership level.

Can you return items without a Sam’s Club membership?

Yes, non-members can do returns and exchanges by bringing the original receipt within 90 days. A valid I.D. is required.


Key Takeaways on Sam’s Club Membership

  • Sam’s Club Plus membership costs $100/year and adds more benefits beyond the regular $45 membership.
  • Key plus perks include 2% cash rewards, free shipping, extra discounts on gas, prescriptions, and more.
  • Upgrading to Plus is worthwhile for frequent shoppers who can maximize the additional savings.
  • Existing regular members can upgrade anytime for just the $55 difference.
  • Sharing a Plus membership splits costs while allowing access to all Plus benefits.
  • Frequent online shoppers, gasoline buyers, and early access shoppers all benefit most from the upgrade.

Conclusion on Sam’s Club Membership

For regular Sam’s Club members, upgrading to the Plus membership can provide tremendous additional value.

Extra perks like rewards, discounts, and free shipping can offset the upgrade cost.

If you shop at Sam’s Club often, using the benefits pays for the $55 difference quickly. Plus, it gives you a complete warehouse membership experience.