Does ALDI Sell Flowers?

Does ALDI Sell Flowers?

ALDI is known for its discount prices on groceries and household essentials. But did you know many ALDI stores also sell fresh flowers and flower bouquets?

Here’s what to expect if you’re looking to buy flowers at ALDI.

Does ALDI Sell Flowers?

Yes, ALDI sells flowers. Aldi’s flowers are awesome and not too pricey. They have regular flower bouquets and also special ones for different times of the year.

You can find them near the cash registers. These flowers are fresh and don’t cost a lot. A bunch of roses will look good for around two weeks because they’re good quality.

And guess what? You can get a bouquet of them for just $3.99! Lots of people love Aldi’s roses because they’re always nice.

ALDI’s Flower Prices

ALDI strives to provide customers with affordable prices on quality products.

This applies to their flower selection as well. You can often find bouquets and arrangements starting at just $3-5.

Seasonal flowers at ALDI are priced even lower, sometimes just $1.99 per bunch. Because of the discount prices, ALDI’s flower stock tends to sell out quickly.

Shoppers will want to check frequently for new deliveries.

Variety of Flowers at ALDI

Selection and availability do vary by store. However many ALDI locations offer a rotating variety of fresh-cut flowers and potted indoor plants.

You’re likely to find bestsellers like roses, lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums. ALDI Finds floral offerings also change weekly, so you never know what you might find.

Recent specials have included sunflowers, hydrangeas, tulips, and calla lilies.

Everyday bouquets at ALDI contain traditional flower varieties like roses and carnations.

More unique seasonal bouquets may feature flowers like alstroemeria, hydrangea, lilies, and more. Potted indoor plants like orchids, succulents, and ferns also pop up frequently.

ALDI Flower Bouquets

ALDI sells flower bouquets in several sizes to appeal to all budgets and needs:

  • Small $3.99 bouquets – Great for a desk or bedside
  • Medium $7.99 bouquets – Perfect for a dining table centerpiece
  • $15.99 large statement bouquets – Make a gorgeous gift!

Bouquets are typically wrapped in cellophane and come with a freshness packet. Most last 5-7 days with proper care.

Flower Quality at ALDI

The flower quality at ALDI is quite good given the lower costs. Their flowers come from the same major growers and wholesalers that many other grocery stores and florists use.

The key differences are:

  • ALDI eliminates middlemen so farmers get paid more. This lowers costs.
  • Their simple packaging skips fancy bows and accessories. This also cuts costs compared to a full-service florist.
  • Inventory turnover is fast. Popular items sell out completely in 1-2 days. So freshness is excellent.

As with any cut flowers, proper care like daily trimming and water changes will maximize longevity. Follow any care tips on the packaging.

ALDI’s Flower Delivery Options

Most ALDI stores do not offer in-house flower delivery or arrangement services. But depending on your location, you may have a few options:

  • Some ALDI locations provide order pickup for Instacart grocery delivery orders. You can add flowers to an Instacart order and pick up curbside.
  • A few ALDI stores partner with local florists who will hand-arrange and deliver ALDI flowers. Call your store to see if they offer this.
  • Ordering through a personal shopper who will shop on your behalf and deliver. They can hand-select the freshest bouquets.

While limited, these delivery options allow many ALDI shoppers to still enjoy the convenience and affordability of ALDI flowers even without a physical store visit.

When Does ALDI Get Flower Deliveries?

Most ALDI stores receive fresh flower deliveries 2-3 times per week. Shipments tend to arrive on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

However, this may vary by location. Your local store will know their exact delivery days.

Many shoppers recommend calling your ALDI early in the morning to ask when their latest flower shipment arrived.

This helps ensure you visit when new bouquets will be on shelves. Quantities are limited, so early birds get the best selection.

Where in the Store Are Flowers Displayed?

Look for the ALDI floral section near the produce department. Flowers are displayed in large open refrigerated cases.

Displays are located between the fresh produce and frozen aisles.

Seasonal outdoor plants and potted indoor plants will be displayed on shelves directly adjacent to the flower cases.

You may find overflow flower stock on tables near the registers when deliveries arrive. But these sell out fast!

Does ALDI Allow Special Orders or Requests?

Unfortunately, no. The ALDI business model focuses on efficiency and low costs. So they do not take special orders or make custom bouquets.

Stores sell core every day stems on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are limited to whatever flower selection comes in that day’s delivery. Specialty blooms and designer varieties are not something they carry.

If you need a custom arrangement or rare flowers, a local florist shop is a better option.

Key Takeaways: ALDI Flowers

  • ALDI sells affordable fresh flowers and plants starting at just $1.99. Bouquets from $3.99.
  • Selection includes roses, carnations, lilies, and seasonal stems like tulips and sunflowers. Changes weekly.
  • Flower quality is excellent but buy quickly – popular items sell out fast due to low stock.
  • Most stores get deliveries 2-3 times per week – call to check for freshest blooms.
  • No special orders or custom designs. First come, first served policy.
  • Limited delivery options are available in some locations through Instacart or partner florists.
  • Proper care like daily trims and clean water are essential to make bouquets last 5-7+ days.

FAQs About ALDI Flowers

Q: Why are ALDI’s flowers so inexpensive compared to other retailers?

A: ALDI keeps costs low by working directly with flower growers, minimizing packaging and handling, and turning over inventory quickly.

Their streamlined business model passes significant savings onto the customer.

Q: How often does ALDI get new flower shipments in?

A: Most ALDI locations receive fresh flower deliveries 2-3 times per week. The schedule varies, but common days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Q: Can I order flowers for delivery from ALDI?

A: Most locations do not deliver. However, some may offer order pickup or work with partner florists to provide delivery. Check with your local store.

Q: What should I do to make ALDI bouquets last longer?

A: Trim stems, change water & re-cut stems every 2 days, remove leaves below the water line, and display out of direct sunlight. Use floral food if included.

Q: Does ALDI sell roses?

A: Yes! ALDI sells roses like most other grocery retailers. They carry classics like red, white, and pink roses, both in bouquets and as single stems.

Q: What kind of flower selection does ALDI have?

A: Selection varies but typically includes roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, plus seasonal stems like tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers, etc.

Q: Can I make special flower requests or custom bouquets at ALDI?

A: Unfortunately, no. ALDI sells core every day stems on a first come basis. They do not take special orders or make custom bouquets.

Q: Does ALDI sell potted plants and indoor plants?

A: Yes, many ALDI stores carry a selection of potted flowering plants, succulents, ferns, and other easy-care indoor varieties.

Q: Should I refrigerate ALDI bouquets?

A: Yes, store ALDI bouquets refrigerated in clean, fresh water to maximize vase life, just like any cut flowers. Re-cut stems every couple of days.


For budget-friendly blooms, ALDI is a great option. Convenient grocery store flower shopping with impressive quality and selection.

Just shop early when new deliveries arrive for the best every day and seasonal finds. With proper care, ALDI bouquets can bring beauty to any space without breaking the bank.