Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams Paint?

Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams Paint?

When it comes to home improvement projects, many homeowners look to popular retailers like Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams for their painting needs.

But does Home Depot actually sell Sherwin-Williams branded paints? Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between these two major home improvement chains.

Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin-Williams Paint?

The short answer is no, Home Depot does not sell Sherwin-Williams branded paints in its stores. Home Depot has its own exclusive brand of paint called BEHR that it sells instead.

Sherwin-Williams paints are only available for purchase at Sherwin-Williams branded paint stores.

You cannot find gallon cans of popular Sherwin-Williams paint lines like Duration, Emerald, or Cashmere at Home Depot.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams Paint?

Home Depot chooses to sell its own BEHR brand paint instead of Sherwin-Williams for a few key reasons:

  • Exclusive branding – By selling BEHR exclusively, Home Depot makes it a unique product that customers can only get at Home Depot. This draws more customers into Home Depot stores.
  • Increased profit margins – BEHR paints are likely cheaper for Home Depot to produce than reselling Sherwin-Williams paints. Home Depot can mark up its own brand paints more and make a higher profit.
  • Easier to control inventory – With BEHR paints, Home Depot can closely manage its own supply chain and inventory instead of relying on an outside brand like Sherwin-Williams.

So in summary, Home Depot chooses to use BEHR as its exclusive in-house brand paint rather than sell other major brand name paints.

This allows them to control branding, pricing, and inventory more efficiently.

How To Buy Paint at Home Depot?

Even though Home Depot doesn’t stock Sherwin-Williams paint, it still offers a wide selection of BEHR-branded interior and exterior paints.

Here are some tips for buying paint at Home Depot:

  • Get paint samples – Home Depot allows you to get small sample sizes of BEHR paint colors to test at home first before committing to a full gallon.
  • Use an in-store color matching tool – If you have a specific color in mind, Home Depot can scan and precisely match it to a BEHR paint color.
  • Talk to in-store Paint Professionals – Home Depot employees can provide advice on sheens, primers, finishes, and other paint products to best suit your particular project.
  • Take advantage of sales – Home Depot frequently runs sales on BEHR paints, so look out for discounts or rebates on your purchase.
  • Order online, pick up in-store – Save time by ordering BEHR paint online and then doing a quick in-store pickup.

Where Can I Find Sherwin Williams Paint?

Since Sherwin-Williams paints are not available at Home Depot, you’ll need to visit a dedicated Sherwin-Williams store instead.

There are over 5,000 Sherwin-Williams branded paint stores across the United States. You can find a nearby location by:

  • Searching on the Sherwin-Williams website
  • Using the Sherwin-Williams mobile app
  • Calling your local Sherwin-Williams district office

Many Sherwin-Williams locations also offer convenient services like delivering paint to your home so you don’t have to leave with dozens of heavy paint cans!

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

While Home Depot doesn’t carry Sherwin-Williams paints, they do sell a wide variety of BEHR-branded interior and exterior paints.

Some of the types of BEHR paint you’ll find at Home Depot include:

  • Interior paints – Eggshell, satin, flat, semi-gloss finishes for walls, ceilings, trim, and more
  • Exterior paints – Low luster, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss outdoor paints
  • Primers – Oil and water-based primers for different surfaces
  • Stains – Solid and semi-transparent stains for wood projects
  • Specialty paints – Chalk paint, floor paint, mold and mildew-resistant paint

BEHR offers paints in all finishes and sheens for any DIY home painting project. You can get them in hundreds of custom-tinted colors.

Who Has Better Paint, Sherwin Williams Or Home Depot?

There is an ongoing debate about whether Sherwin-Williams or BEHR paint from Home Depot is better quality. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Price – BEHR paints tend to be a bit cheaper than comparable products from Sherwin-Williams.
  • Color selection – Sherwin-Williams claims to offer more colors, but BEHR has an extensive color palette too.
  • Durability – Tests give Sherwin-Williams paints a slight edge for washability and durability.
  • Brand reputation – Sherwin-Williams is recognized as a top professional brand. But BEHR has grown in popularity.

So while Sherwin-Williams is still considered a leader in the paint industry, BEHR paints have improved in quality over the years and offer a solid mid-range DIYer paint as a Home Depot exclusive brand.

Are Home Depot Brands Better Than Sherwin-Williams Paints?

Sherwin-Williams paints are widely regarded as top-quality in the paint industry, while BEHR is a relative newcomer on the scene. In general, Sherwin-Williams paints rank slightly higher than BEHR in terms of:

  • Coverage – Hides underlying colors and requires fewer coats.
  • Durability – More scuff, chip, and scratch resistant. Stays vibrant longer.
  • Ease of application – Smoother consistency makes it easier to apply.
  • Color accuracy – More precise color matching capability.

However, BEHR has drastically improved over the years and now offers paints comparable to mid-tier Sherwin-Williams products for everyday DIYers.

The gap has narrowed between the brands, though Sherwin-Williams still holds an edge among professional painters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Home Depot sell any Sherwin-Williams products?

A: No, Home Depot does not sell Sherwin-Williams branded paints. However, some Home Depot locations may sell other Sherwin-Williams products like paint supplies or stains.

Q: Is BEHR paint from Home Depot better quality than Sherwin-Williams?

A: Sherwin-Williams paints are still considered higher quality overall compared to BEHR’s products. However, BEHR provides good quality paints for DIY home painters at a more affordable price point.

Q: Where can I get color swatches for Sherwin-Williams paint?

A: Visit a Sherwin-Williams branded paint store to get color sample cards or chips. You can also order samples or swatch books online from the Sherwin-Williams website.

Q: Does BEHR offer paint matching like Sherwin-Williams?

A: Yes, Home Depot offers a scan-and-match service to precisely match any paint color to a BEHR-branded paint.

Q: Can I get BEHR paint color samples at Home Depot?

A: Yes, Home Depot allows you to get small take-home samples of BEHR paint colors before deciding on a full gallon.

Q: Does Sherwin-Williams sell exterior paint?

A: Yes, Sherwin-Williams offers extensive lines of exterior paints in different finishes like satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Q: What finish of BEHR paint is best for kitchens and bathrooms?

A: A satin or semi-gloss BEHR finish will provide the most durable and wipeable surface for kitchens and bathrooms.

Q: Does Sherwin-Williams have sales or discounts?

A: Yes, Sherwin-Williams does occasionally run sales, have rebates, and offer discounted paints of the week. Sign up for their mailing list to be notified.

Q: Is BEHR paint cheaper than Sherwin-Williams?

A: Yes, in most cases BEHR branded paints from Home Depot are less expensive than comparable products from Sherwin-Williams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home Depot does not sell Sherwin-Williams branded paints in stores. They sell BEHR brand paints instead.
  • To buy Sherwin-Williams paint, you need to visit a Sherwin-Williams branded paint store location.
  • Home Depot offers a wide selection of interior and exterior BEHR paints for DIY home projects.
  • Sherwin-Williams paints are considered slightly higher quality, but BEHR has drastically improved and offers good value.
  • Both Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams offer paint sample cards and color-matching services.


While Home Depot provides plenty of quality BEHR-branded paint choices, DIYers who specifically want top-tier Sherwin-Williams paint will need to visit a dedicated Sherwin-Williams location.

Home Depot focuses on selling its own exclusive BEHR line rather than carrying competitor brands.

But whether you choose BEHR or Sherwin-Williams, you can find primers, finishes, tools, and expert advice to complete any home paint project.