How To Return Baby Registry Items At Target?

How To Return Baby Registry Items At Target?

Returning gifts from a baby registry can be tricky. As a parent, you want to be appreciative of gifts received, but also only keep items you’ll actually use.

Target makes the return process for registry items easier with a generous timeframe and multiple return options.

Follow this guide to smoothly return baby registry items to Target.

How To Return Baby Registry Items At Target?

Step 1: Review Target’s Return Policy

Target allows returns and exchanges on baby registry items up to one year from the purchase date with a receipt or gift receipt.

Without a receipt, returns may be restricted to exchanges or store credit.

Some key points on Target’s policy:

  • Most unopened baby items can be returned, besides food, formula, diapers, and clearance items.
  • Opened baby gear, clothes, toys, and books can be returned as well within policy timeframes. This is a big perk Target offers.
  • The return method depends on whether the item was purchased online or in-store.
  • The refund method depends on the original payment type. Usually, you will get back the original payment if within 90 days.

Step 2: Gather the Required Items

To return, you need:

  • The gift receipt or packing slip that came with the item
  • Original tags if still attached
  • ID if you paid with a debit/credit card
  • For online purchases, print out the packing slip that came with the shipment

If you don’t have a receipt, Target can look up the gift purchase with the purchaser’s name and address, or your baby registry ID number.

Step 3: Choose Your Return Method

You can return baby registry items bought at Target either in-store or by mail.

For in-store returns:

  • Take the item and receipt/packing slip to Target’s customer service desk
  • A team member will guide you through the return process

To return by mail:

  • Contact Target’s customer service online or by phone to begin the process
  • They will email you a return shipping label to put on the package
  • Mail back the item with the label for a refund

Online registry purchases need to be handled through Target’s website, or by contacting customer service for assistance.

Step 4: Complete the Return Process

At the store, a team member will verify if the item meets return policy criteria. They will accept the return and issue a refund or exchange based on the original form of payment.

For mailed returns, once Target receives and inspects the item, they will process the refund. Allow 1-2 billing cycles for refunds to credit cards or bank accounts.

Keep the receipt after your return as proof in case any issues arise later.

Step 5: Confirm the Refund

Check your credit card statement or bank account to verify the refund was processed for the correct amount.

For store credit, the amount will be available on your Target account within a few days after the return.

If you don’t see the refund after two billing cycles, contact Target’s customer service for help.

Special Considerations for Returning Without a Receipt

If you do not have a receipt or gift receipt for your baby registry item, returning it at Target becomes more complicated. Here are some key things to know:

  • You will likely only be allowed to exchange the item for one of equal value. No refunds without a receipt.
  • Be prepared to show ID at customer service for them to look up the purchase.
  • Not having a receipt also means you may get store credit versus back to your original payment method.
  • Without proof of purchase, Target will limit returns without receipts to one exchange per item within a 90-day period.
  • Clearance and heavily discounted items often cannot be returned without a receipt at all.

The best option is to take the registry item back to the original purchaser and have them do the return with their receipt and ID. This will provide the most flexibility.

Returning Online Baby Registry Purchases

For online registry purchases, you’ll need to mail items back rather than return in the store. Here’s how to process an online return:

  • Go to Target’s website and print a return shipping label for the item. You can also request by contacting customer service.
  • Repackage the item in its original shipping box if you still have it. Place the printed return label on the outside.
  • Drop off the package at any UPS store or Schedule a free UPS pickup from your home.
  • Once received, Target will refund your original payment method used online. Allow 1-2 billing cycles.
  • You can track your return status on Target’s website. Contact them if no refund after 2 cycles.

This mail-in process is required for all baby registry items bought through Target’s website, even if the item was available in stores.

Returns from purchases must be handled online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Target’s return timeframe for baby registry gifts?

Target allows baby registry gift returns up to one year from the purchase date with a receipt or gift receipt. Without a receipt, returns may only be possible within 90 days.

Can I return opened baby items to Target?

Yes, Target allows returns of opened baby products like clothes, toys, books, and gear as long as they are within the 1-year timeframe with a receipt.

Food, formula, diapers, and clearance items cannot be returned opened.

How will I get refunded for returning a baby gift to Target without a receipt?

Without a gift receipt, you will likely only be allowed to exchange the baby item for one of equal value.

No cash or credit card refunds are given without proof of purchase. You may receive store credit at Target’s discretion without a receipt.

What if I don’t know what guest purchased the gift I want to return to Target?

You can return registry gifts without knowing the original purchaser by providing your baby registry ID number to Target customer service.

They can then look up the transaction and process the return for you.

Can I return a baby registry gift bought at Target in-store by mailing it back?

No, items purchased in Target stores must be returned at customer service counters. Mailing in returns is only for online purchases made through

Exceptions may occasionally be made if approved by customer service.

What is the fastest way to get a refund when returning a baby registry item?

The quickest refund turns around when you return the item in-store with the original receipt. The credit is immediately applied to your card or tender used.

Mail returns take 1-2 billing cycles to appear after Target processes.

How will I know when Target processes my mailed baby registry return?

You can track the status of your mailed return on Target’s website under purchase history and order details.

It will show when the return shipment arrives back to Target and once it is processed. The refund will then take 1-2 billing cycles to appear in your account.

Can I exchange a baby registry gift for something besides an identical item at Target?

Without a receipt, Target will limit even exchanges to the same exact item.

With a gift receipt showing the original value, you can exchange for any baby item of equal or lesser value within policy timeframes. Some exceptions may apply.

What return options are there for baby registry gifts purchased on Amazon?

Amazon has its own return policy for baby registry gifts – items can be returned within 90 days of the shipment date, some with longer windows.

You can return items at Kohl’s stores, Whole Foods, UPS locations, or by scheduling a pickup. Refunds are typically issued to the original payment method used.

Key Takeaways: Returning Baby Registry Gifts from Target

  • Target allows returning baby registry items within 1 year of purchase with a receipt
  • Opened baby items can be returned, besides food, formula, diapers
  • Without a receipt, exchanges may be limited to the exact same item
  • In-store purchases must be returned at Target customer service desks
  • Online purchases need to be mailed back following Target’s process
  • The refund method depends on the original form of payment
  • Without a receipt, refunds are typically Target store credit only
  • Track refunds within 1-2 billing cycles after Target processes
  • Contact customer service for help with gift receipts or online returns


Returning unwanted baby registry gifts from Target is made simpler thanks to their generous refund policies.

Just be sure you understand their guidelines based on items purchased online versus in-store.

If possible, try to return the gift receipt within 90 days to get your original form of payment back.

Without a receipt, you’ll be more restricted to exchanges or store credit.

Pay attention to Target’s return policy details and exceptions to ensure you can easily exchange baby items not needed after your registry event.