Starbucks Partner Hours App

Starbucks Partner Hours App

The Starbucks Partner Hours app is super helpful for Starbucks partners. It helps them with their work schedules when they can work, and their benefits.

This article will tell you about the cool stuff the Partner Hours app can do and show you how to get it on your phone and use it.

It can also tell you how to see your work schedule even if you don’t have the app, and explain the good stuff about time off and benefits at Starbucks.

Key Features of the Starbucks Partner Hours App

The Starbucks Partner Hours app enables partners to:

  • View weekly work schedules and any schedule changes
  • Set availability and submit availability requests
  • Access sick and vacation benefit hours
  • Request time off and schedule changes
  • View pay statements
  • Connect with fellow partners

The app lets Starbucks partners easily check their work info from anywhere.

Rather than having to log into a desktop site, partners can manage their Starbucks work life right from their mobile devices.

Installing and Utilizing the Starbucks Partner Hours App

To start using the Starbucks Partner Hours app, partners can:

  1. Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Open the app and log in using Starbucks partner credentials.
  3. Accept the Terms of Use.
  4. The home screen displays the current schedule week, benefit hours, and any notifications.
  5. Navigate between screens for schedule, availability, time off requests, and more.

Partners should ensure notifications are enabled to receive schedule change alerts.

The app syncs with schedules and benefit hours, so any changes made on the desktop site will also be updated in the app.

Accessing Work Schedules Without the Starbucks Partner Hours App

If a partner does not have a smartphone or prefers not to use the app, they can access their schedule and other employment information by:

  • Logging into Starbucks Partner Portal on a computer
  • Calling the store manager directly
  • Checking the posted schedule in the backroom of the store

However, these methods are not as convenient as having schedules and benefit hours right in the Starbucks app.

The app also includes additional features not available elsewhere, like the partner community feed.

Benefit Hours and Time Off Policies

Starbucks partners receive sick time, vacation time, and other benefit hours based on hours worked. These hours can be tracked and requested right in the Partner Hours app.

Here are some key policies related to benefit hours:

  • Sick time is accrued at 1 hour per 30 hours worked
  • Vacation time accrues based on tenure and hours worked
  • Personal time and holiday hours also accrue
  • Time off requests should be submitted as early as possible
  • Benefit hours are only approved up to the amount accrued

Being able to view and manage benefit hours right from the mobile app provides partners with convenience and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Starbucks Partner Hours app:

Q: Does the app work for licensed store partners?

A: No, the Partner Hours app is only for company-operated Starbucks stores at this time.

Q: Where can I find my partner credentials to log in?

A: Your user ID is your partner number and your password is your POS password.

Q: What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

A: You can access the same information by logging into the Starbucks Partner Portal on any computer.

Q: Can I request time off in the app?

A: Yes, you can submit time off requests which will be reviewed and approved or denied by your manager.

Q: Is the app secure?

A: Yes, it uses your individual partner credentials and connects to Starbucks’s secure servers.

Q: Does the app drain my phone battery?

A: The Partner Hours app is designed to be lightweight and energy efficient. It should not drain your battery excessively.

Q: What happens if I lose my phone?

A: Make sure you have a password or fingerprint set up on your device. You can also remotely wipe the app data if needed.

Q: Who do I contact for help with the app?

A: Reach out to your store manager or contact Starbucks Partner Contact Center for troubleshooting help.

Q: Can I view my pay statements in the app?

A: Yes, you can access current and previous pay statements right within the Partner Hours app.

Q: Is there a desktop version of the app?

A: No, the Partner Hours app is mobile-only. You can access the same tools through the Starbucks Partner Portal website.

Key Takeaways

  • The Starbucks Partner Hours app enables partners to view schedules, availability, benefit hours and more right from their phone.
  • Key features include mobile access to schedules, time off requests, benefit hours, pay statements and partner community.
  • Partners can install the app on iPhone or Android and log in with their partner credentials.
  • Schedules and benefit hour information are synced between the app and Starbucks online portal.
  • Partners without smartphones can still access information on the Starbucks Partner Portal website.
  • Benefit hours like sick time, vacation time and holiday hours accrue based on hours worked and tenure.
  • The app makes it easy for partners to balance their work and life at Starbucks.


The Starbucks Partner Hours app is like a super helpful tool for Starbucks partners. It helps them with their schedules, benefit hours, and work stuff.

With schedules, time off requests, and benefit hours right at their fingertips around the clock, partners can effectively manage their work-life balance.

The app helps partners get info whenever they want and talk openly with their managers and co-workers.

Whether on iPhone or Android, the Starbucks Partner Hours app provides partners with convenience and connectivity.