Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime? 5 Steps to Access Fox Now

Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime?

Fox Now is a streaming service from Fox that gives viewers access to live and on-demand content from Fox networks.

It offers popular shows from Fox, FX, National Geographic, and more. The Fox Now app and website allow you to watch full episodes and clips without a cable subscription.

Understanding Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a membership program from Amazon that provides users with benefits like free 2-day shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more.

Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming video service included with Prime that offers movies, TV shows, Amazon Originals, and more to watch on-demand.

Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime?

No, a Fox Now subscription is not free or included with an Amazon Prime membership. You need a TV provider login to access the full content library on Fox Now.

However, some Fox programming is available through Prime Video.

Subscribing to Fox through Amazon

There is no way to subscribe directly to Fox Now through Amazon Prime Video.

However, you can add cable channel subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, and Starz through Amazon’s Channels feature.

Unfortunately, Fox is not available as an Amazon Channel at this time.

Fox Content Accessible to Amazon Prime Users

While the full Fox Now app is not available, Amazon Prime members can watch a selection of Fox shows and movies through Prime Video.

This includes popular series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and more. Some past seasons of Fox shows are available to stream on-demand with a Prime membership.

Live Fox News Streaming on Amazon Prime

No, Amazon Prime does not offer live streams of Fox News or FS1.

The only live TV available through Amazon is for a select number of sports and events through their Prime Video channels.

Fox News does not have a 24/7 live news stream available on Prime currently.

Does Amazon Prime Include Fox Sports?

Amazon Prime itself does not include live sports from Fox Sports 1 (FS1) or other Fox sports programming.

However, Prime members can get access to some live sports and events through Prime Video channels like NBA League Pass, MLB.TV, or PGA Tour Live.

These require an additional subscription fee.

Advantages of Fox Now with Amazon Prime

Access to Fox Now Content

Amazon Prime gives members access to thousands of TV episodes and movies at no extra cost.

This includes the popular Fox series on-demand without needing a cable login or subscription.

The convenience of Streaming on Amazon Prime

Being able to watch Fox shows directly within Prime Video makes streaming very convenient. All of your Prime content is available in one place to watch instantly.

Cost Savings

Access to on-demand Fox programming via Amazon Prime provides a cost-effective alternative to paying for cable just to watch Fox shows. Prime also includes free fast shipping on Amazon orders.

Accessing Fox Now on Amazon Prime

Steps to Access Fox Now with Amazon Prime

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Prime membership if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open the Prime Video app or go to the Prime Video website.
  3. Select the search option and search for “Fox”.
  4. Browse through the results for available Fox shows and select a title to start watching.
  5. Only certain Fox programming will be available without a cable subscription.

 Considerations and Limitations

Availability of Fox Now Shows on Amazon Prime

The selection of Fox shows included with Prime is limited compared to the full Fox Now app. Also, only past seasons or episodes are available, not the current season.

Advertisements on Fox Now Content

When watching Fox programming on Prime, you cannot skip or avoid the advertisements. The shows will contain ads even though you are paying for Prime.

Alternatives for Watching Fox Now on Amazon Prime

Standalone Fox Now App

The Fox Now app provides access to live Fox TV and more shows but requires a TV provider login. It offers the most complete content library including new episodes.

Other Streaming Platforms

Services like Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV offer live Fox channels and on-demand show libraries for a monthly fee without cable.

Fox Now on Roku

Roku devices provide access to the Fox Now channel. You can stream Fox shows on-demand using a TV provider login through the Fox Now Roku channel.

Ways to Watch Fox for Free

  • Use an over-the-air HDTV antenna to watch Fox live locally.
  • Stream previous Fox show episodes included with Amazon Prime.
  • Select full episodes are available free on the Fox Now website.
  • Check out clips and highlights on the Fox YouTube channel.

Additional Benefits Offered by Amazon Prime

In addition to Prime Video, an Amazon Prime membership includes:

  • Free two-day shipping on Amazon orders.
  • Access to Prime Music for streaming songs and playlists.
  • Prime Reading to download ebooks, magazines, and more.
  • Prime Gaming with free games, loot, and content.
  • Prime Photos for unlimited photo storage.
  • Special discounts and early access to deals and sales.

News Channels on Amazon Prime

While Fox News does not have a live channel on Amazon, Prime members can subscribe to over 20 popular news channels including:

  • CBS News
  • ABC News Live
  • NBC News Now
  • Cheddar News
  • Newsy
  • BBC World News
  • CNN
  • FOX Weather
  • HLN

These news add-ons require an additional monthly subscription fee through Amazon Prime Video Channels.


Q: Is any Fox content free on Amazon Prime?

A: Yes, Prime Video includes a selection of Fox shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy available on-demand without any additional fees.

Q: Can I watch new episodes of Fox shows on Amazon Prime?

A: No, only past seasons or episodes are included, not the current season for Fox shows. To watch new episodes, you need access to Fox Now or live Fox channels.

Q: Does Amazon Prime have live Fox Sports?

A: No. Amazon Prime does not include any live sports from Fox Sports 1 or local Fox sports networks. You need a TV provider login to stream Fox live sports.

Q: What do I need to watch Fox News live on Amazon?

A: Unfortunately, Fox News does not have a 24/7 live news stream available on Amazon Prime currently.

To watch Fox News live, you would need a service with live TV channels like Sling TV or YouTube TV.

Q: Can I watch Fox on Prime Video without paying for Prime?

A: No, you need an active Prime membership to watch any TV shows, movies or other video content included with Prime Video.

It is not possible to access this content without the paid Prime membership.

Q: Is Fox Now the same as Fox Sports Go?

A: No. Fox Now offers Fox’s primetime on-demand shows and entertainment programming.

Fox Sports Go allows sports fans to stream live games and shows from Fox Sports networks with a TV provider login.

Q: How much does a Fox Now subscription cost?

A: Fox Now does not offer a direct-to-consumer subscription. You need a TV provider login from cable, satellite, or live TV streaming services to access Fox Now content.

There is no standalone Fox Now subscription.

Q: Can I watch Fox Now on my TV through Amazon Prime?

A: Yes, if you have a smart TV, streaming device, or game console with the Prime Video app installed, you can watch the available Fox programming directly on your big screen.

Just access the content through the Prime Video app.

Q: Does a Prime membership include an ad-free Fox viewing experience?

A: No. Any Fox content you watch through Prime will still contain the same ads as if you were watching the shows on live Fox TV with a cable subscription.

You cannot skip or avoid the commercials.

Q: What’s the best way to watch new episodes of Fox shows for free?

A: Your options are to use an over-the-air antenna to watch Fox live broadcasts in your local area or sign up for a free trial of a live TV streaming service such as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or FuboTV.

These provide live Fox channels and on-demand libraries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fox Now is not free with an Amazon Prime membership. You need a cable login.
  • Some Fox shows and past seasons are available on-demand through Prime Video.
  • Popular Fox series like The Simpsons can be streamed with a Prime membership.
  • There are no live Fox News or sports streams available on Amazon currently.
  • To get the most Fox programming, you need to use credentials from a TV provider.
  • Alternatives like Hulu Live TV offer more live & on-demand Fox content.


While the full Fox Now streaming library is not included with Amazon Prime, Prime members do get access to selected Fox programming on-demand.

This allows you to watch episodes of popular Fox shows without a cable subscription. However, the selection is limited compared to having the actual Fox Now app or live TV services.

Overall, Amazon Prime provides a low-cost way to watch some Fox content but is not a complete replacement for a Fox Now subscription.