Subway’s Sandwich Toasting Temperature: 4 Methods for Ultimate Crunchy Delight

What Temperature Does Subway Toast Their Sandwiches?

Subway restaurants are known for quickly toasting subs to create hot, melty sandwiches. But how exactly do they toast subs so fast?

What type of ovens do they use, and what temperature are they set?

This article will explore the Subway sandwich toasting process and reveal the secrets behind how Subway can toast subs so quickly.

Subway's Sandwich

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Unlocking the Mystery: What Temperature Gives Subway Sandwiches That Perfect Crunch?

Subway toast their sandwiches between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. The impingement ovens are set to 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exact temperature may vary between locations and types of ovens but generally falls within this hot yet not burning range.

This high heat allows the bread to quickly take on color and become crispy while warming fillings in just seconds.

Need for Speed: How Does Subway Achieve Lightning-Fast Toasting?

Subway uses high-speed impingement ovens that rapidly toast sandwiches using jets of hot air.

The combination of powerful fans and heating elements allows the oven to very quickly surround food with hot air, toasting subs in just seconds.

This allows Subway to toast sandwiches faster than a regular pop-up toaster or convection oven.

Time is of the Essence: How Long Does Subway Toast Their Subs?

The total toasting time for a Subway sandwich is around 3-5 seconds. The speed of the impingement oven allows subs to receive optimum toasting in just a few seconds.

Employees are trained on how long to toast particular subs to achieve the perfect level of crispness without burning.

The Oven Chronicles: Exploring Subway’s Choice of Toaster Oven

Subway uses commercial high-speed impingement ovens specially designed for fast sandwich toasting.

Some standard models used include:

  • Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens
  • Moffat TurboChef impingement ovens
  • Double Batch Impinger ovens

These ovens use jets of high-velocity hot air to transfer heat rapidly to food.

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Heating it: How to Enjoy a Subway Sandwich at Home

If you want to reheat a Subway sandwich at home, here are some methods:

Method #1: Microwaving – A Quick Fix for Your Subway Cravings

  • Heat the sandwich in the microwave for 60-90 seconds until hot. Use a lower power setting to avoid toughening bread.

Method #2: Toast It Right – Reheating Subway Sandwiches in a Toaster Oven

  • Place the sandwich in the toaster oven at 300°F for 4-5 minutes to crisp the bread and melt the cheese.

Method #3: Oven Magic – A Tasty Way to Reheat Subway Sandwiches

  • Wrap sandwich in foil and bake at 325°F for 10-15 minutes until heated through.

Method #4: Air Fryer Delight – Crispy Subway Sandwiches in No Time

  • Air fry the sandwich at 360°F for 3-5 minutes to make the bread crispy again.

Baking Subway-Style: Unveiling the Oven Temperature Secrets

Subway bakes sub and flatbread dough at 350-375°F in their in-store ovens. The dough is allowed to be proofed and then baked until golden brown.

Baking at this moderately high temperature gives Subway bread its fluffy interior and crispy crust.

Meat Matters: Does Subway Toast Their Protein Fillings?

No, Subway does not toast or heat the meats before placing them on sandwiches.

Meats like ham, turkey, roast beef, and other deli meats are layered onto the toasted bread cold.

However, meats like bacon or pepperoni are pre-cooked before being added to a sandwich.

Air Impingement Oven: The Tech Behind Subway’s Toasting Excellence

Subway’s high-speed toasters rely on air impingement technology to rapidly toast sandwiches. Here’s an overview:

  • Powerful heating coils and fans circulate hot air at high velocity
  • Jets of hot air are directed downwards through holes in the oven ceiling
  • Food is surrounded by moving hot air, toasting surface rapidly
  • Air impingement equals fast, even heating and toasting
  • Ovens reach optimal temperature quickly, allowing fast toasting
  • The result is hot, toasted subs in just seconds!

Size of Subway's Sandwich

Subway’s Subway: A Journey Through Their Menu

Subway’s Subs Unraveled: A Look at the Range of Sandwiches

Subway has a vast menu with many sandwich types, including:

  • Classics like turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna, BLT
  • All-veggie sandwiches and wraps
  • Breakfast sandwiches with eggs and meats
  • Premium sandwiches on artisan breads
  • Signature sandwiches like Meatball Marinara, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, Steak & Cheese

What Sets Them Apart: Subway’s Sandwiches and Their Unique Ingredients

  • Classics tend to have cold cuts, cheese, and veggies on Italian white or wheat bread
  • All-veggie subs often have guacamole, hummus, and cheese for protein
  • Breakfast sandwiches feature eggs, cheese, meat like sausage or bacon
  • Premium subs use upscale breads and ingredients like thicker-cut meats
  • Signatures highlight sauces, meats like meatballs or chicken, and unique flavors

Behind the Toaster: The Subway Toasting Process Unveiled

How Does Subway Toast Their Sandwiches?

Employees insert assembled sandwiches into impingement ovens for just a few seconds. The high-velocity hot air quickly toasts the bread, melts cheese, and heats fillings.

What Type of Oven Do They Use?

Subway uses high-speed impingement ovens that blast sandwiches with 300-400°F air. This allows fast, even toasting.

What Temperature Is the Oven Set to?

Impinger ovens are set between 300-400°F. The exact temperature varies by store, and specific oven model used.

Heat, Toast, Enjoy: The Subway Way to Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches

Baking Brilliance: The Science of Subway’s High-Temperature Toasting

  • Toasting enhances the flavor of bread, cheese, and meat
  • It brings out roasted, savory notes
  • Adds light char or crispness to the sandwich

The Toasted Touch: How Subway’s Sandwiches Transform in Taste and Texture

  • It makes bread crust crispy and interior soft
  • Melts cheese thoroughly for a creamy texture
  • Warm fillings are more cohesive and soft

Nutritional Nudges: Exploring the Impact of High-Temperature Toasting

  • Minimal impact on calories and nutrients
  • Some vitamin loss from heating vegetables
  • Higher sodium from salt on toasted bread

Subway's Sandwich bread

Crispy Benefits: Why Toasting Subway Sandwiches Is a Must

The Cheese Melt Mystery: How Subway’s Toasting Enhances Flavor

Toasting melts cheese thoroughly for a creamy, gooey texture.

Bread’s Best Friend: How Toasting Elevates Subway’s Bread

Brief toasting makes bread crispier and brings out aromatic flavors.

Easy Bites: Why Toasted Subway Sandwiches Are Easier to Enjoy

Toasting warms fillings and softens bread for easier chewing.

Toasty Delights at Home: A Subway-Style Experience in Your Kitchen

Setting the Stage: Finding the Perfect Oven Temperature for Home Toasting

Use oven or toaster oven at 300-400°F to mimic Subway ovens.

Time Matters: How Long to Toast Subway Sandwiches to Perfection

Toast for 4-6 minutes to crisp bread entirely without burning.

Maintaining the Magic: Subway’s Impinger Ovens and Their Care

  • Impinger ovens require daily cleaning to keep jets free of debris
  • Grease and food remains must be cleaned from the chamber
  • Heating elements and fans should be inspected and replaced as needed
  • Temperature calibration ensures correct toasting

Toasting Tips: Insider Secrets for Subway Employees

  • Learn proper toasting duration for each sandwich type
  • Adjust toasting time based on oven temperature
  • Add extra time for melty sandwich fillings like cheese
  • Be ready with tongs for quick removal after toasting
  • Listen and look for proper crispness and cheese melt

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of oven does Subway use to toast subs?

Subway uses high-speed impingement ovens that can toast sandwiches in just seconds using jets of hot air. Lincoln and Moffat make standard models.

How long are the sandwiches toasted for?

Subway sandwiches are toasted for 3-5 seconds in the impinger ovens to achieve the perfect crispness.

What temperature are Subway ovens set to?

Impinger ovens are typically set between 300-400°F to allow for fast, high-heat toasting.

Does Subway pre-toast or heat the meats?

No, Subway does not pre-toast meats like ham, turkey, or roast beef. However, meats like bacon are pre-cooked.

Can you reheat a Subway sandwich at home?

Yes, you can reheat Subway sandwiches at home! Use a microwave, toaster oven, conventional oven, or air fryer.

How does air impingement oven technology work?

Powerful fans circulate hot air at high speeds to surround food, toasting all sides simultaneously.

Do Subway sandwiches lose nutrients when toasted?

There is minimal nutrient loss from toasting. However, some vitamins in veggies may degrade from the heat.

What is the benefit of toasting a Subway sandwich?

Benefits include melting cheese, crisping bread, improving flavor, and softening fillings for easier eating.

How can I mimic Subway toasting at home?

Use a toaster or conventional oven set to 300-400°F and toast subs for 4-6 minutes to evenly crisp bread.

What steps does Subway take to toast sandwiches?

Subs are assembled, inserted in the impinger oven for 3-5 seconds, then removed using tongs once toasted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Subway uses high-speed impingement ovens that toast sandwiches in just seconds.
  • Ovens reach 300-400°F to rapidly crisp bread and melt cheese.
  • Toasting time is only 3-5 seconds, thanks to impingement technology.
  • Jet streams of hot air surround food for even, quick toasting.
  • Toasting gives subs flavor and texture and makes subs easier to eat.
  • Try oven toasting at home to mimic Subway flavor.


Subway can toast submarine sandwiches rapidly thanks to high-tech impingement ovens that surround food with jets of hot air.

With temperatures reaching 300-400°F, subs can be perfectly toasted in 3-5 seconds.

Toasting gives Subway subs an appetizing crispy exterior, gooey melted cheese, and convenient handheld form factor.

While it is challenging to replicate the exact commercial equipment, you can still toast subs at home using standard ovens set to a similar high-temperature range to achieve delicious flavor.

The next time you bite into a freshly toasted meatball marinara or steak and cheese, you’ll have a new appreciation for the technology Subway uses to deliver hot, toasty subs in seconds.